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Project Brief

Marketing Efforts: We’ve expanded marketing efforts every year – 2017 to include:

Onsite booth in prominent location staffed with 3 sales people; 4-page color brochure in registration kit; glossy postcard in onsite pocket guide; recording icons in program next to each session being recorded; matching icons on signs outside each room; onsite hallway signs; walk-in slides in each room; link from Hinman Meeting page to PlaybackHinman page; link from Hinman Meeting App to PlaybackHinman; Pre/Onsite/Post email blasts to past and current purchasers. Pre-sales are offered through Hinman’s site as a meeting registration upgrade.

Before Playback Now/ After Playback Now:

In 2010, Sylvia Ratchford, Executive Director of Hinman Dental, began actively searching for a potential new recording vendor to help them keep up with changing technology and to improve stagnant sales. The previous vendor was offering audio-only CDs and MP3 files. Playback Now immediately introduced PowerPoint capturing solutions and MP4 video files, while slowly transitioning away from individual audio CD sales. Value-priced complete set packages became the focus, and with that strategy, onsite sales have steadily climbed. 75+% of our annual sales are for complete packages. A custom PlaybackHinman commerce site was created, which included free samples of all recordings. Playback Now has since added an App player for convenient mobile access. They have also transitioned to HD PowerPoint capturing, as well as video production for the vendor showcase session. Working together, Hinman and Playback Now have formed a seamless marketing campaign in an attempt to show year-long value for the session recordings. Moving forward, they are looking to expand this service to someday include continuing education credits with the recordings, as well as potentially adding live stream elements to market the meeting to non-attendees.


Store Link:

Client Since: 2011

Events: Hinman Dental Meeting

Attendees: 19,000

Project Scope:

  • 20 Concurrent Sessions
  • AudioPoint Production
  • Select Video Production
  • Custom-built website with commerce potential and annual subscription-based hosting
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