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American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery was the largest client addition in 2016 and, instead of having multiple vendors, was looking for one company that could handle all of the moving pieces at their extensive annual conference.

After an extensive RFP process, Playback Now was selected to capture all 330+ sessions at the annual AAO conference.  Playback Now was tasked with having nearly 100 sessions edited, produced and uploaded each day.  Playback Now also was assigned to video capture select sessions as well as Live Steaming a day-long session dedicated to their international members who were viewing from across the world.  In addition to the live stream, video capture, and 30 concurrent sessions, Playback Now also recorded, managed and produced an interview series that AAO-HNS has used for marketing and additional learning opportunities throughout the year.

Despite all of the moving pieces, Playback Now delivered as expected and provided an excellent 1st year experience for AAO-HNS.  We are excited to continue expanding the program with AAO in 2017 and beyond.


Client Since:  2016

Events: Annual Conference

Members: 12,000 Otolaryngologists

Project Scope:

  • Production Only
  • 330+ Sessions Captured
  • 30 Concurrent Sessions Captured
  • Video Production
  • Live Stream Production
  • Interview Capture and Production

Our required tasks


Camera work 98%
Presentation capturing 92%
Video editing 96%
File Mastering 98%
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