Director of Technology & Web Development

Since he first attempted to repair a disabled Atari video game system in the early 1980s at the tender age of 15, Tom Galucki knew he had a love for techno troubleshooting and problem solving. Some people see the tiny screws as holding a piece of equipment together… Tom sees those same tiny screws as a doorway into a magical world of electronics. Almost since Day One when he joined the company in 1985, Tom has delved into the deep recesses of many pieces of equipment, where few men would ever want to delve. Whether repairing equipment, tinkering with new gadgets, or figuring out how to simplify a process, Tom is a self-taught techno guru and is always learning on the job. Tom has had his hands in every major technological transition at Playback Now since 1985, from cassette, to CD, to DVD, to MP3, to MP4, to websites, to streaming, to Apps, to the cloud…Tom thrives on the excitement of change, where others whither. Tom has been married to his wife, Dwayna, for over 25 years and together have raised 4 beautiful and talented daughters. Tom is the oldest of 5 children, born and raised in Buffalo, NY.

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Customer/Client Service 20%
Website Support & Maintenance 60%
New Site Development 20%