Senior Program Coordinator

Someone has to go on the road and get the work done, and Doug Martin is just the guy for the job. Doug did part-time work for Playback Now for several years before realizing it was the job of his dreams all along. He joined Playback Now permanently in 1997, and has been a fixture at the office, and on the road, ever since. The heart of Playback Now’s work involves live recording in convention centers and hotels across the country, a lifestyle in which Doug thrives on. Popular with his clients, Doug is known for his friendly personality and his willingness to get the job done right…and efficiently. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Doug is an avid Buffalo sports fan who lives in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Contact & Social

  • 678-438-5408


Program Planning 30%
Onsite Meeting Coordinating 30%
Production/Editing 35%